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Physical activity is the cornerstone for keeping muscles and joints functioning and all systems working together for both human and canine athletes. Some say it is more useful to take their dog hiking or swimming but the majority of people don’t have access to large open spaces where their dog encounters different surfaces, elevation and footing challenges. Even if they did this is typically not a balanced cross training fitness program. Not everyone lives in the same climate and when it is too hot or too cold to be outside, having other means to mentally and physically challenge your dog is key to having a happy healthy dog. This is where balance products and indoor DogTreadmills are useful tools and help canine fitness be more attainable.

Working as a team, the handler and I work together to accomplish the goals below:

  • How to teach and put new behaviors on cue
  • How to train safely
  • How to inspire the dog to offer specific movements or static positions
  • How to choose equipment that best suits the dog and each exercise
  • How to analyze their dog’s movement and posture
  • How to see and understand signs of fatigue
  • How to improve the efficiency of training sessions

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Paws Inn Resort - Pet Boarding and Training - Twin Cities, MN
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