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Balance K-9

BALANCE K-9 1  Cost is $100 for 6 weeks 

Rio TunnelPUPPY TRAINERS - Join us for "TWEEN AGILITY" !  We teach focus, focus, focus!, teamwork, crate games, and other ground work skills. We help you learn to think "outside the box" and let your dog learn to think for himself.  This class gives you great preparation for Beginning Agility. 

Prerequisite: STAR Puppy OR Level One.    See Calendar.

What are people saying about BALANCE K-9

Following completion of our Puppy class, I wanted to continue training with our puppy Ella.  She is extremely active and LOVES people and other dogs, so her attention and focus has been very hard for me to get and keep.  We signed up for Tween Agility, not really knowing what to expect.  As each week went by, I was more and more impressed.  By the end of the 3rd week in class, Ella would sit next to me, not looking away at all of the other dogs…but at me… something I never thought would happen!  Her focus went from very weak to WOW!  Tween Agility, the other classes at Paws Inn, and the incredible staff have given us a strong foundation for our continued training with Ella.  I would recommend this class in a heartbeat to every dog owner!      - Lisa S.

" I just wanted to let you know that your Tween Agility course was just great!  It was fascinating to see how fast all the dogs improved,  increased in focus and obedience each week.  They all seemed to have such fun!  I use the methods that were taught in the course daily to  help me with the obedience and focus training for my own dog.  I would recommend  this course for all young dogs.Thank you for providing a great environment and  great training for my dog Scooter.   ~Sandi B.

Besides the Tween class, Paws Inn offers two levels of Agility: Beginning and Course Work. We have both an indoor and outdoor course for year-round training!




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