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Training at Paws Inn

Anytime you get a new canine – whether puppy or adult, breeder-raised or rescue, you need to take a Training Class! Even if your dog isn’t new, but needs some manners and a chance to interact with people and other dogs, you can get all the help you need at Paws Inn.

Training Classes:

Beginner Puppy
for puppies 8 -12 weeks
4 weekly 45-minute sessions ....... $80

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy
for puppies 12 weeks to 5 months old
6 weekly one-hour sessions ....... $132

Level One
for dogs 6 months and older
6 weekly one-hour sessions ....... $152

Level Two (AKC Canine Good Citizen)
prerequisite Level One
6 weekly one-hour sessions ....... $152

Level Three (AKC Community Canine)
prerequisite Level One, Level Two Recommended
6 weekly one-hour sessions ....... $152

Balance K-9
for 5 months and up - must have attended one prior PIR class
6 weekly one-hour sessions ....... $120

Registration and payment must be received before the first night of class.

Make dog training fun for your dog and the family!

Classes at Paws Inn Resort & Training are kept small enough to ensure you will get individual attention from the trainer as needed.

Our training philosophy is positive-based with an emphasis on building a relationship between your dog and your family.

• Group classes provide socializing with people and other dogs and give opportunities to learn and adapt to new situations.

• Strengthening communication with your dog will also increase cooperation and obedience.

Award Winning Paws Inn trainers have 50+ years of combined experience!

"Following the completion of our puppy class, I wanted to continue training with our then 14 week old puppy, Ella.  Ella is a bit of a social butterfly to say the least.  She is extremely active and LOVES other people and other her attention and focus has been very hard for me to get and keep.  We signed up for Tween Agility, not really knowing what to expect.  After the first class, Ella was exhausted, as was I, but happily so.  Each week we went back, I was more and more impressed.  By the end of the third week in class, Ella would sit next to me, not looking away at all of the other dogs and families, but at me (and her treats)...something I never thought would happen!  In short, her focus went from very weak to WOW!   We still have a ways to go with our sweet, active, Ella Bella, but Tween Agility, the other classes at Paws Inn, and the incredible staff have given us a strong foundation for our continued training with her.  I would recommend this class in a heartbeat to every dog owner! "

- Lisa S.

Need treats, supplies or tools for training?

Check out Paws Inn Retail Store

  • Earn double Paws Punch credit on first $50 order- valid on pet food or supplies purchase with registration for training sessions
  • Free samples – check out food and treats on nutrition education night, week 4 of training. (For more information call 952-853-8006)
  • Special training packages (puppy, dog and agility) include VIP Paws Inn values:
    • one free daycare day
    • $5 off grooming/bath
    • and one free night of Boarding

Paws Inn Resort - Pet Boarding and Training - Twin Cities, MN
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