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I have been bringing my Border Collie Hobo to Paws Inn almost every week for three years. Hobo and I have taken Puppy Class (twice!), Obedience and several years of Agility with various instructors at Paws Inn. To be honest, Hobo was shy and weird as a puppy, and it looked like we might have a problem ahead. However, with positive training and constant socialization with other dogs and lots of caring people, Hobo is now confident, friendly, and well trained! I think it was the positive training techniques used at Paws Inn that made the difference. Hobo and I do Agility as a fun hobby now and it has been good for both of us! Also, I’ve boarded Hobo there and I was watching for his reaction the next time we went for class. He was as happy as ever to go to Puppy Class, which gave me confidence that he had a good experience boarding too.

~Joni Scheftel, DVM

My Aussies, Kota and Juno, have been staying at Paws Inn Resort for a couple of years now. We tried some other kennels, but my dogs consistently came home either sick or completely revved up, often vomiting and/or having accidents in the house. After their stay at Paws Inn, they come home calm and healthy. To me, that’s the most important part. And that’s clearly a sign that they are comfortable and taken care of while they are there.

~Jeff H.

Our St. Bernard, Ruby, has been happily going to the Paws Inn for a number of years. She knows we are getting close as we turn on the road and gets sooo excited!! She’s even sad when she has to come home. We know that she gets wonderful care from Jodi and her crew. She has even had medical emergencies which Paws Inn has taken appropriate and timely care of. We hate to leave her when we go away, but it feels like we are leaving her with family and know that she will have loving care.

~Jane J.

Our Golden Retriever, Lucy and her “sister” Penny are so well taken care of that they run in and never even say goodbye! Sad for us, but we are thrilled to know they enjoy themselves so much. They love playing with all the other dogs and kids, especially Madi. They get lots of extra attention and enjoy their spa treatment. It is also reassuring for us to know that Jodi is a Vet Tech, so she would recognize any health issues before they become serious. Upon her recommendation, we are feeding Nature’s Variety and the Joint Complete has added spring to Lucy’s step.

~Jim & Carol O.

As a dog owner, a well-trained dog is important to me. Many years ago, I trained my first Miniature Schnauzer at the Chanhassen Vet Clinic where Jodi was the instructor. Paws Inn Resort is a very comfortable training environment. Everything from the flooring to the surrounding area has been designed with the animals in mind. Jodi and her staff have a genuine love for the animals they help to train. They realize that every breed and every individual dog is different. Every class session is very positive, and Jodi and her staff are encouraging and calm. I look forward to training Oliver at Paws Inn for the next several years.

~Jean R.

Thank you for offering Puppy Classes. Our puppy, TEXanna, has gone through your class twice. In our first class, she was one of the smallest dogs. Thanks to our instructor, Brie, we were able to learn how to encourage good behavior and how to discourage unwanted behaviors. Brie helped our dog to enjoy time with other dogs and people. In our second class, our dog was the largest dog. I know that the dynamics would change with any different group of dogs, but I think the way that it worked out allowed our dog to have many great experiences that will aid her as she goes through life. Brie gave us homework assignments that allowed us to bond with our dog and balance our relationship. Now, TEXanna is able to be around people, dogs, and even the vet! She is able to sit, down, stand, and get off on command. TEX does not bark, so we were taught how to hang bells on the door, and she has taken to that and is house trained!!! We are so excited to move on to your Level One classes!

Thanks to Paws Inn and Brie, our dog is happy and so are we!

~Stella H., Larry L., and TEXanna

I’ve been coming to Paws Inn for the past three years and just start ed my third dog! I keep coming back since they are able to offer me quality training with quality instructors. From puppy classes to obedience to competition level Agility, I always feel I am receiving great advice. When I show Agility with my dog, we are able to compete with the dogs trained in the Cities. No need to make the long drive when Paws Inn offers the same quality training, with a nice indoor facility so you train no matter the weather! Everyone at Paws Inn makes me feel like part of their “doggy” family. I am not just a number, like at a larger facility. They really care about me and my dogs!

~Tiffany D.

Paws Inn Resort - Pet Boarding and Training - Twin Cities, MN
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