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Being a first time owner of a puppy it was important for me to learn along with my puppy the correct way to train her. It is very obvious that both Jodi and Madi have experience in owning and training dogs. They understand what owners are looking for in a well behaved dog. The instruction and materials given to me were extremely helpful as a first time owner. If I was struggling with my puppy during class they stopped to show me how to do it. The sessions were very personable and effective. I attended 3 sessions and have learned how to train my puppy on the behavior I want from her. I look at both Jodi and Madi as experts and a great resource for my many questions. I plan to attend another session in the future. I would highly recommend Paws Inn for training.

Beth Pannier

We enjoyed your K9 balance class. This class gave us the opportunity to further our relationship with our dog, Violet. We benefit greatly from the continued trainings at Paws Inn to keep our dogs (and us) engaged in positive behaviors. The stretches and exercises helped us gain strategies for both our dog's physical well being. We enjoy how personal all your classes are and help us enjoy our relationship with our dogs. Thank you!


I thoroughly enjoyed my puppy class. I thought everything was very well explained and Bella and I learned so much. I look forward to my next level 1 class. I especially enjoyed the night that quality of dog foods was explained. I believe every aspect of owning a puppy and properly taking care of it was covered very well from vaccinations to proper diet to micro chipping or a pet id.

Thank you so much!

Paws Inn Resort is an absolutely fantastic place for our Irish Wolfhound, Oona for Daycare or Boarding. She is treated like a family member and is always happy when she arrives at PIR. She gets to play with other dogs during playtime and sometimes she might even get to play with a human too. We would definitely recommend PIR to any and all who have a pet that needs boarding or daycare.


Training at Paws Inn has been remarkable! The guidance we have received from the training staff has helped us gain the right mind set to train our high-energy puppy. We started with Beginner Puppy class and now are entering Level 2, each class focuses on a variety of new goals which helps us progress in training at just the right pace. I highly recommend Paws Inn for all dog training and dog essentials - the staff is very friendly and always willing to answer any questions you may have!

Thanks! Becca

Hi, I have really enjoyed bringing Phoenix to training classes with you guys. We have learned a lot from Paws Inn. Phoenix started going to Paws Inn when she was about 11 weeks old and we have come a long ways from the crazy puppy who wanted to jump on everyone and we are excited to continue with more training classes and to keep learning. Phoenix is starting to become a nice canine citizen with being exposed to new things each time we come to class and I really like that the instructors take time when they see someone needing some extra help with their pup. I also really like that the staff really does care about the dogs that come through the doors and know them by name and that they help with things other than training such as finding the right food or finding the right toy for Phoenix. She has not had tummy issues for two or three weeks now. We are going to be starting the food this weekend to see how she does. We had to wait for a weekend when we were home the whole weekend in hopes to avoid having an accident in the car or her kennel if we are gone somewhere and the food didn't agree with her. See you guys soon for the next training class!

Sarah Olson

Paws Inn has been a wonderful place to send our dauschund, Murphy. The staff are all so helpful and friendly! I work long hours and it puts my mind at ease knowing he can have fun, socialize, and burn off energy while I'm at work. Murphy enjoys his visits just as much as I do, he runs straight to the staff when he's dropped off and comes home a happy and tired puppy!


I could spend ages talking about how amazing Paws Inn is, but I'll focus on the level 3 class we recently completed. This class is all about focus, focus, focus. It's great exposure for dogs who haven't had a lot of exposure walking around town with all the different distractions and for dogs who are seasoned veterans that just need a brush up. Jodi does an amazing job of focusing on each individual on the group and giving advice for any issues you might be having. My dog started this course distracted by all the new noises and smells and by the end he was staying 10 feet away from me without the middle of town. Absolutely can't recommend this course enough for every dog!


We recently added a sweet & loving cavapoo, named Zeus, to our family. To start us off on the right foot we enrolled in Paws Inn Beginner Puppy training. This was a perfect start for us to be sure our family was all on the same page with training our puppy. Paws Inn did a great job during the 4 sessions our family attended. Zeus caught on quickly and is listening and responding as we continue to teach him with the tools and techniques our family learned at Paws Inn. Thank you!

Sincerely, Jessa, Mitch, Jackson, Myles & Zeus

Hi, Wyatt and I loved the level 3 class. It did him a lot of good seeing other breeds of dogs and lots of people as I don't take him many places where it isn't just springers doing field trials or spaniels doing hunt tests. Taking Wyatt for walks with everyone around town was so good for him. Of course he had to pee on every bush and every light post along the route but we looked forward to class each week. I have to admit that the title to his name also was a huge deal too. I was sooooo bummed when the next class that Gracie was registered for was cancelled. I so want to get her another title to prove to her lousy pro where she came from that she is not worthless and can get titles elsewhere since field trialing wasn't her thing. The socialization would do her really good too. She is a good girl and deserves her name loaded with titles too. I plan to get Wyatt more Tricks titles too and Gracie at least the Tricks Novice. Next year Reuben will be ready to do the level 3 class so I hope you do have a couple classes so I can get both Reuben and Gracie their CGCA titles. Reuben just started STAR puppy last night. Thanks again for offering these classes. Loved walking the streets and socializing my Wyatt. It was a great class.

Thanks, Karen

I have absolutely loved my experience with Paws Inn and Resort!!
The understanding of dogs and their behaviors are fabulous!
I highly recommend your services!!
And am looking forward to taking Ali all the way through her training there!

Sincerely, Marcia Heidgerken

When I got my black lab puppy Ranger, I asked around for recommendations of a good place to take him for training. My veterinarian's office suggested Paws Inn and their reward based training methods. I have taken Ranger through three levels of classes now and will be starting my fourth class with him soon. Ranger and I both love Paws Inn training and staff members! We have both learned so much in the time that we have been going there.

I felt very comfortable leaving Ranger at Paws Inn a few times now for boarding when we have gone out of town. He loves the interaction with the other dogs and the attention from the staff.

I would recommend Paws Inn to others looking for a safe, clean, professional and friendly training and boarding environment.

Jodi Boylan

Paws Inn Resort - Pet Boarding and Training - Twin Cities, MN
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