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Paws Inn Resort provides a comfortable, low-stress environment with fun, interactive activities to give you peace of mind that your pet is well cared for while you’re away. Whether here for boarding, daycare or training, your pet will make new friends in an atmosphere that enhances their well-being with every visit.

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Paws Inn Resort & Training

We Are Certified!

The health, safety and well-being of each pet who visits us is our top priority. That’s why we are thrilled tell you that our staff have each attained the level of Certified Professional Animal Care Provider (CPACP)! Each staff member has successfully passed the independent certification exam conducted by the Professional Animal Care Certification Council or PACCC.

A Local Family Business

Since 1998, Rick and Jodi Theis have owned and operated Paws Inn Resort. They live on-site, and together with their four children and a dedicated and experienced staff, they feed, care for, and exercise the guests at PAWS INN RESORT and take care of their own extended family of dogs, cats, birds and other animals that may find their home here. Jodi and Rick actively support the local rescue organizations by providing care and expertise for animals in need of homes.

Owners Rick
Owners Rick & Jodi Theis with Tobias & Trooper

Our Location

8127 Yale Ave.
New Germany, MN 55367

Phone:  952-353-8006

Driving Directions

From Minnetonka, take Hwy 7 west to County Road 33, turn left and drive through New Germany to County Road 30. Turn right and drive west one mile to Yale Avenue. Turn left and drive 1.1 miles to Paws Inn.

From Lester Prairie, take County Road 9 to County Road 23 East, go 1.5 miles to Yale Avenue. Turn right, go 1.1 miles to Paws Inn.

Paws Inn Resort & Training

Our Location

8127 Yale Avenue,
New Germany, MN 55367

Phone: 952-353-8006